thinkpic.gif (9281 bytes)THINK (Thermal Hydraulic Integrated NetworK)™ is an advanced, first principles, precision simulation engine.  It solves the time and spatially dependent equations for the conservation of mass, momentum, and energy.

THINK uses a modification of the Finite Element Method (FEM), and it is based on proven thermal hydraulic computer codes used extensively for safety analysis and high fidelity simulator modeling in the Nuclear Power industry. The modified FEM method allows THINK to conserve mass, momentum, and energy with the highest degree of precision for high fidelity simulation of any process plant, including energy, pulp and paper, chemical, and specialty chemical processes.


THINK also uses an implicit method for integrating the equations in time to allow for real or faster than real time simulation.   THINK allows any state of a process fluid to be modeled including the noncondensibles and solids present with stream.  THINK models subcooled fluid, two-phase conditions, and a superheated vapor state. THINK simulates the full range of convective and boiling heat transfer for any component. THINK uses advanced methods to decompose mixture flow into the basic component liquid and vapor flow rates. THINK has been used in all our task-specific simulators, covering a wide range of applications in pulp and paper, specialty chemical, and energy industries.



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