MEL has developed simulation solutions for power generation, gas turbine and combined cycle plants at different level of fidelity and pricing, designed to meet the different applications in the power industry.     MEL is able to provide the highest performanc to price ratio solution in the industry by combining a new generation of software structure with a proven robust thermal hydraulic engine.    Examples of THINK application in power industry include:

DOMINION VIRGINIA POWER Uses THINK Simulator for Chesterfield Unit 6 Control System Checkout and Training

Microfusion Engineering Labs (MEL) provided the Chesterfield Unit 6 Boiler Simulator to Virginia Power for control staging and training.   Chesterfield electric generating station Unit 6 is a 700 MW turbo generator first commissioned in 1968.  Operating design conditions are 4,387,488 lbs/hr at 2400 psig and 1005degF

Because of using the MEL THiNK based boiler simulator for control checkout and operator training, Virginia Power was able to startup Chesterfield Unit 6 within days after field construction was complete.


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