simulaton.jpg (37385 bytes)MEL offers a real time, dynamic simulator that can be applied in numerous ways to add value to a project or a business operation.

Many process simulators offer a static "snapshot" of a process or situation. These models rely on equations that neglect time; simply plug in the parameters and values will be calculated.

Other simulators are very specific; they may be time dependent, but the equations are limited to a particular event. A flight simulator for an Air Force fighter is an example: if you use this to try to learn how to fly a 747 passenger plane, you might get the idea but you will in no way simulate the true event.

On the other hand, MEL has two real time, dynamic simulator products that can be accurately adapted to virtually any process or electrical system. These models, THINK and POWERS, utilize an extensive library of materials and physical values. These work in conjunction with an array of objects defined as various pieces of equipment and systems found in virtually all processes. When a MEL engineer models your process using these tools, the result is a mathematical representation of your situation that will show dynamic changes in real time.

Just like in real life.

The simulator can be applied as a control system staging tool, as a trainer, or for design and system optimization. As we'll see, these are tools that will save you time and money!

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