Academic and professional studies have confirmed that the use of a simulator provide a more effective training environment than traditional method.

(Published by Protection Consultants, 1990)
Operational Errors 26%
Design Failure 4%
Natural Disaster 7%
Process Variation 10%
Mechanical Failure 38%
Sabotage 3%
Others 12%
TOTAL 100%

As can be seen from the above chart, operational and other disturbances that can be eliminated with a good training program account for about 40% of a facility's losses.

Application of MEL simulation tools and services minimizes operational errors and production losses. All process scenarios as well as the experience of plant personnel are incorporated in the trainer. Realistic simulation trainers allow operators to test different operational procedures and familiarizes them with process anomalies that often are not apparent until the operator is faced with a live system.

The training simulator is built with the accumulated knowledge of operators, technicians and engineers who have worked on the process before, and is easily kept current as actual process changes are made. This ensures the simulator will offer a broader test than any single person or team, and because it is automated it eases record keeping for the instructor.

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