Process control equipment is made by many suppliers, and often times, communication protocols of these control systems are proprietary. When these control systems are required to communicate with other data processing units such as millwide, management, accounting and simulation systems, custom "communication interfaces" have to be developed.

Microfusion has developed many communication drivers and interfaces to various control system products for both plant data integration, OPC Servers integration, and for control system simulation testing.

dot.jpg (329 bytes) OPC Server/Client

dot.jpg (329 bytes) OPC Server to Server Bridge

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Serial links

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Customized TCP/IP Link

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Allen-Bradley ProcessLogix/ControlLogix

dot.jpg (329 bytes) ABB Infi-90

dot.jpg (329 bytes) DeltaV 

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Allen-Bradley PLC5's

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Honeywell Plantscape

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Modicon 984 PLC's

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Foxboro IA

dot.jpg (329 bytes) DeltaV SimulatePro

dot.jpg (329 bytes) Honeywell TDC3000


interface.gif (3759 bytes)

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