Microfusion Engineering Laboratories (MEL) was incorporated in 1995 to provide advanced process aboutmel.jpg (33430 bytes) controls to industry via the use of first principles based dynamic simulation models. In the short time since then, MEL has broadened into a solutions provider across the range of all process control requirements , from basic process design and configuration to the implementation of advanced control concepts.

We provide industry with automation and simulation based solutions by applying our experience in science and industry to your situation, by putting ourselves in your shoes and viewing the problem from your viewpoint. Chances are excellent that one of our associates has been in your position before. In a perfect world there might be many solutions; however, given the restrictions you are working with, we can help you find the optimum.

How do we do this?

Headquartered in North Atlanta, MEL uses modern Internet technology to coordinate its business and design activities, thus insuring that geography does not keep us from having the best minds working on projects. This approach also insures that we are but a few clicks away whenever you need a solution for your problem.

Let's look a little closer at how MEL can help you…………………….

Providing Advanced Technology Solutions For The Process Industries.
Boilers, BMS, Turbines, Real-time Simulation, Utilities, IGCC, CHP, Biomass, DCS, PLC, LFG